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Our CSR Methodology

In our annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, we examine our global business operations and the key areas where we have the strongest ability to make a material impact.

Our objectives for this report are to:

It is our privilege and honor to improve the lives of those we impact. With vibrant brands that are steeped in innovation, quality and fun food, we are excited about our business opportunities as we expand. At the same time, we understand that we have a responsibility to improve society and be a good environmental steward.

Through reporting, we engage with key internal and external stakeholders for their perspectives on our CSR efforts and impact. These discussions help shape our actions and communications.

Our approach to CSR is dynamic, global in focus and always rooted in our people-first philosophy. We continue to work diligently to understand our ongoing CSR opportunities we have worldwide, and are always evolving our strategy and structure to continually improve ourselves as we feed the world.