Government Relations

Our goal is to educate policymakers about our business and the issues that are important to us and our franchisees. In pursuit of an environment where our restaurants, franchisees, associates, and the communities we serve can thrive, we focus our public policy efforts and governmental partnerships on a variety of issues including food safety, workplace requirements and practices, health and nutrition, tax policy and regulation of foodservice operations and practices.

Brett Hale
Brett Hale,
VP, Public Relations
Global Government Affairs

“It is imperative that we engage policy makers both domestically and abroad in a 360 degree dialogue that seeks to build, change, or reinforce perceptions of Yum! Brands in the public policy arena. Our integrated strategy leverages the work of our government relations, regulatory affairs, and corporate social responsibility teams to impact the process in a positive way.”

Employee Benefits

Our employees are Yum! Brands’ most important resource. In the highly competitive environment in which we operate, we know that our success depends on our ability to attract and retain a diverse, empowered workforce.

We participate in the U.S. Department of Labor’s Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program. Under this program, we receive a tax credit for hiring and training workers who are economically or physically disadvantaged. We have provided thousands of first-time jobs to individuals around the country, many of whom were previously on public assistance, helping them gain valuable job training and skills that enable them to continue as productive members of the workforce. We are proponents of maintaining the WOTC program as part of the U.S. tax code, and of simplifying it to make it more user-friendly for smaller employers such as our franchisees.

Health and Nutrition

We have implemented a set of global nutrition guidelines that define our proactive efforts to improve the nutrition profile of the foods we offer, while continuing to provide great taste, value and convenience across our markets. We are also committed to educating our customers and encouraging them to adopt balanced, healthy lifestyles. We support policies that limit restrictions on consumer choice and we work with governments, industry associations and others to promote an environment that fosters freedom of choice and innovation.

To reinforce our commitment to health and nutrition, we have partnered with the U.S. government and dozens of leading U.S. food corporations on the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) ChooseMyPlate Corporate Challenge to help stem the tide of increasing weight and obesity among America’s young people. As a Community Partner, we are committed to incorporating ChooseMyPlate educational information in our restaurants and online nutrition and marketing materials.

Additionally, we have worked with the U.S. Congress and the current administration to enact uniform national menu board guidelines for prepared food sales, providing a consistent way to educate the public about the nutritional value of the foods they eat. Our U.S. KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell stores will provide calorie information in all of our company and franchised stores in accordance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations.

Yum! Brands Good Government Fund

We maintain a non-partisan Political Action Committee (PAC) that supports candidates for public office in the U.S. The PAC is funded through the personal voluntary contributions of eligible employees. No corporate funds are contributed to the PAC.

Our associate PAC, the Yum! Brands Good Government Fund, is dedicated to the election of pro-business candidates at the federal, state and local levels of government. We follow the general guidelines of supporting the preservation and growth of the private enterprise system and the stability of the franchise business model, electing candidates on a non-partisan basis, using business-related issues as the key benchmark and emphasizing political races in areas where our associates live and work. In 2015, our PAC contributed $67,000 to political candidates.

In addition to complying with all U.S. federal and state regulations, our PAC is periodically audited by both Comerica Bank and an internal Yum! Brands audit team. A detailed listing of the PAC’s receipts and disbursements can be found by visiting the Federal Election Commission’s website at

In limited circumstances as permitted by law, our Company may contribute corporate funds to state or local candidate campaigns. These contributions are disclosed as legally required. In addition, we voluntarily provide a complete listing of these contributions and our contribution policies on our website at