An open printed copy of the Yum! CSR Passport guideWe’ve built an integrated, executive-level governance structure and process to assess, guide and oversee our worldwide CSR activities. This ensures consistency in global CSR standards and activities while allowing for local adaptation to fit diverse cultural contexts and needs.

It starts with our leadership at the highest level, which is why we formally update our Board of Directors annually on our CSR commitments and progress, and cascades throughout the entire business. CSR activities are led in partnership between our Global Sustainability and Public Affairs teams that are spearheaded by our Chief Sustainability Officer and Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility. We engage various internal and external stakeholders to deliver on the CSR commitments outlined in this report and we will continue partnering with these and additional stakeholders as we move forward on our journey.

We are also committed to evolving our structure as needed, as well as the ways in which we measure progress against our objectives, to enhance our CSR capabilities and effectiveness.