Pizza Hut offers more than two billion different topping combinations which includes fresh vegetables and lean meats. The brand is committed to continually improving the nutritional profile of our products.


With more than two billion different topping combinations, Pizza Hut’s pizza is one of the most customizable products on the planet. For example, ordering a Thin ‘N Crispy® pizza with less cheese and toppings that are lower in fat (lean meats such as chicken or ham and fruit/vegetables), can mean consumers enjoy a great tasting pizza with up to 25 percent less fat than the regular Thin ‘N Crispy® pizzas. Customization is made simple through the “Create Your Own” ordering feature at and throughout all of their ordering options.

New to Pizza Hut’s menu are Gluten Free Pizzas and the option to Skinny It Up. Pizza Hut now offers cheese and pepperoni Gluten Free Pizzas in select locations throughout the U.S. These pizzas are made with Udi’s® gluten free crust that is prepared following a strict preparation process certified by the leading gluten free certification program, the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG). See for more information.

Skinny It Up Pizzas are delicious pizzas made with smarter portions, so you get the same great flavor, with fewer calories per slice. You can order any recipe on Skinny It Up crust or create your own Skinny It Up Pizza with select toppings for 300 calories or less per slice. See for more information.

Meeting the USDA’s National School Lunch Program and All Foods Sold in Schools nutrition standards, Pizza Hut offers kid-approved pizzas made of 51 percent whole wheat crust, lite mozzarella cheese, and reduced fat and sodium pepperoni.

Real and fresh ingredients are important to Pizza Hut. That’s why they offer an array of toppings including fresh vegetables like green peppers and mushrooms, naturally-preserved Italian sausage, 100 percent white meat chicken, and 100 percent real beef, pork, and ham. Further, Pizza Hut’s Pan, Thin ‘N Crispy®, Hand-Tossed Style, and Stuffed Crust pizzas contain:

  • Zero grams of artificial trans fat
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
  • No artificial colors/dyes
  • No artificial flavors

Pizza Hut Australia

In Australia, Pizza Hut offers a gluten free base that is a permanent option on the menu. They have also added a list of gluten free ingredients on their website for consumers interested in a gluten free alternative. In 2016, Pizza Hut Australia will introduce medium and family sized bases to offer consumers more choice. A new plain, uncoated wing will also be introduced into the range of sides in 2016 with a choice of three flavored sauces.

Pizza Hut Europe launched new balanced options in 2013:

  • Tuscani pizza range with salad on top in Poland (Prosciutto & Arugula, Chorizo & Spinach)
  • Pizza Sun in Germany, Romania, Luxembourg and Sweden
  • Fresh fruit beverages, including grapefruit, cucumber and basil, and watermelon lemonades
  • Salad bar enhancements
  • New plated salad offerings in Poland, Greece, Cyprus and Romania

Pizza Hut Canada launched a range of balanced pizza and pasta options.

Pizza Hut India provides more than 15 percent of meals with less than one-third RDA, which includes personal portion pastas and Magic Pan Pizza.


Pizza Hut U.S.

In addition to bringing more balanced choices to the menu, Pizza Hut U.S. made nutrition, allergen, and ingredient information easier for customers to access in 2015. Available via web and mobile platform, Pizza Hut now offers three nutrition tools that allow consumers to obtain specific nutrition, ingredient and allergen information for all menu items, including customized pizzas. To use Pizza Hut’s new digital tools go to

Pizza Hut Australia

In 2013, Pizza Hut Australia was the only pizza chain to partner with the government on formulating QSR guidelines. They also have kilojoule (KJ) information on menu panels nationwide. Full nutritional information for their Traditional large pizzas is available online. KJ information for medium and family pizzas is available online. Allergen information is available in store on request and online.

Pizza Hut India

Pizza Hut India proactively discloses the nutritional values of food on its website. Pizza Hut India also deployed a QR code on the menu to inform customers.

Most of the franchisees in Pizza Hut Europe communicate full nutritional information on their websites.

Nutritional Improvement


Pizza Hut U.S.

Amid rising concerns of Americans sodium intake, Pizza Hut successfully removed over half a million pounds of salt from its menu in 2012 and has removed another 1.5 million pounds of salt from core ingredients in 2015. The brand is committed to continually improving the nutritional profile of their products.

Pizza Hut India

In India, Pizza Hut continues to look for ways to reduce sodium in its menu options by working with suppliers and nutrition experts.

Pizza Hut Global

Since 2008, Pizza Hut has been testing significant sodium reductions in core products, which have been rolled out in Korea, Canada and Australia. Reductions of up to 50 percent have been achieved and their goal is to roll this out globally. The brand has also developed a broader global menu for the dine-in business including pastas, individual pizzas, plated salads, an enhanced salad bar and beverages broadening the brand’s appeal through menu variety and choice.

Pizza Hut Australia

Pizza Hut Australia has had a continual sodium reduction program running for a number of years and has targeted sodium reduction in dough, meat toppings and side items.

Pizza Hut Europe

Pizza Hut Europe has reduced the salt in its mozzarella cheese by 15 percent and in its dough by 17 percent.

Palm Oil

Pizza Hut Australia

Pizza Hut Australia does not cook in any palm oil. There are products containing palm oil as a sub-component and where possible these are sourced from a RSPO, or Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, certified source.

Calories and Fat

Pizza Hut U.S.

Pizza Hut U.S.’s Pan, Thin ‘N Crispy®, Hand-Tossed Style and Stuffed Crust pizzas contain:

  • Zero grams of artificial trans fat
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
  • No artificial colors/dyes
  • No artificial flavors


Pizza Hut India

Pizza Hut India is monosodium glutamate (MSG) free while KFC India continues to explore ways to reduce MSG in menu items, particularly in grilled and vegetarian options


Pizza Hut U.S. is a member of The Whole Grains Council, which helps consumers find whole grain foods and understand their health benefits; helps manufacturers and restaurants create delicious whole grain foods; and helps the media write accurate, compelling stories about whole grains. Pizza Hut’s whole grain crust for school lunch is endorsed by The Whole Grains Council.

Pizza Hut has partnered with Udi’s, the No. 1 gluten-free brand in North America, and the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG), the pioneer non-profit organization providing gluten-free programs and processes, to bring to market gluten-free cheese and pepperoni pizzas prepared using strict back-of-house procedures certified by GIG.

See for more information.


Pizza Hut U.S.

Pizza Hut U.S. introduced Fun Fit Fridays! This is an opportunity for employees to take advantage of our early release Fridays and get a good, FUN workout in with others from the office. The Pizza Hut U.S. Energize 365 team works with surrounding businesses to offer the newest fitness trends for employees to experiment with. This is all free and is a great way to try out something new!

Global Pizza Hut

Global Pizza Hut headquarters initiated a new mindfulness curriculum to help employees manage stress and learn to stay present in their personal and professional lives. So far, nearly 40 people have participated in the program and have shared great results.

Building People Capability

Leadership Growth

Pizza Hut U.S.

In the U.S., the Pizza Hut Academy develops and delivers various courses to different levels of employees to continue to grow their current leadership and operational skills. The Academy’s focus is to build on the basic training, as well as build know how in areas not currently included in employee base training, in a fun and engaging way so that leaders can learn and grow, ultimately taking performance and our customers’ experiences to the next level.

AC Phd

This curriculum focuses on the key competencies known to make Area Coaches GREAT! Topics include: time management, building an A team, strategic thinking, and many more! Participants leave the course with a personalized action plan enabling them to apply what they have learned in Area Coach PhD to their own area.


This curriculum is designed for the experienced RGM to learn advanced skills that will help take their restaurant to the next level. It focuses on the key competencies known to make RGMs GREAT, including growth mindset, time management, strategic thinking and building/developing/coaching A teams. Participants will leave this course with a personalized action plan enabling them to apply what they have learned in RGM PhD to their own restaurant.

Field Product Boot Camp

Field Product Boot Camp toolkit is provided by The Pizza Hut Academy. The purpose of Field Product Boot Camp is to provide a set of optional tools that can be leveraged to establish a strong foundation in product fundamentals. The tools provided are a quick way to reinforce the basics of making everything P.E.R.F.E.C.T. (Preparing Everything Right For Every Customer Today) with your team. Additionally, the tools can be used to build know how of Hospitality, Quality, Speed, Cleanliness (HQSC) product standards.

For the Core

One of the Academy’s goals is to help corporate employees find ways to enable restaurant teams to deliver on 100 percent customer satisfaction. They do this by facilitating several courses and in store training opportunities, which allow corporate employees to learn and understand the skills needed to run a Pizza Hut Restaurant.

Pizza Hut U.K.

Pizza Hut U.K. employees have the opportunity to develop their skills in leadership, trade, personal growth, ideation and cultural understanding as a part of Yum! University. Pizza Hut believes learning and development programs enable their teams to fulfil their potential and be their best. Courses include:

  • The London Business Forum, insightful events that cover a range of business issues presented by internationally renowned speakers
  • Induction, a course led by the Leadership Team that takes new employees through Pizza Hut U.K.’s business goals, introducing them to each team and the function’s role in driving our company strategy
  • How We Lead, a program designed to help develop leadership skills, self-awareness and leadership Impact, strengthening employee’s thinking and behavior to promote leadership effectiveness
  • Heartstyles, a course taught to support personal growth and behavioral development, helping people to be more effective in both work and life

Pizza Hut Canada

Pizza Hut Canada corporate has reinvigorated HR with franchisees through a true partnership with Operations wherein HR & Ops host quarterly, two-day sessions with key franchisees to discuss critical topics related to people and the operational systems. For the Pizza Hut Canada Equity team, training is a top priority. All RGMs and Team Members go through the LAR certification. They are encouraged throughout the process, as the Pizza Hut Canada team is focused on having 100 percent LAR certification for their restaurant managers and assistant-managers. Pizza Hut Canada has also incorporated quarterly field visits to restaurants lead by HR & Operations to build employee capability and more importantly to engage the corporate employees in the everyday life of Team Members.

Educational Investment

Pizza Hut U.S.

Pizza Hut U.S. offers employees the opportunity to advance their education and career with Pizza Hut’s educational partner, Excelsior College, an accredited, nonprofit institution. In collaboration with Excelsior College, Pizza Hut is proud to offer the Life Unboxed EDU education program. Excelsior has been chosen as an educational partner because they understand the needs of adult learners who are balancing education with jobs, families and other responsibilities. Using an online learning model, employees can take courses where and when they fit into their schedules. Excelsior offers a 45 percent undergraduate and 15 percent graduate tuition discount for Pizza Hut employees and their family members, ensuring an affordable education. At the end of the fall semester in 2015, 99 students were actively enrolled and on their way to an advanced degree through EDU.

Functional Training

Pizza Hut Africa

Opportunity, Training and Advancement Programs

Pizza Hut Africa places specific focus around growing their people from within and providing them with opportunities. An employee’s journey often begins by being recruited from an NGO called Harambee Youth Employment Excellorator, an organization that works to provide opportunity and employment to economically disadvantaged youth. Once beginning work with Pizza Hut, employees are offered multiple training opportunities to increase their skills and grow within the company. With Pizza Hut Africa in year two of operations, they are pleased to report that last year 10 percent of employees successfully completed shift supervisor training and were promoted from entry level positions, and 50 percent of those were promoted to positions of assistant manager or above. Once at the Restaurant General Managers level or in an above restaurant leadership role, employees are offered continued career development and leadership training including Heartstyles and other Leadership development programming.

Global – Deliver Hope

In 2015, Deliver Hope was Pizza Hut’s call to action to encourage consumers and Pizza Hut employees worldwide to help others through the company’s three philanthropic pillars: children’s literacy, WHR and involvement in local community.

During the 2015 WHR campaign, Pizza Hut customers made donations to the WFP while dining in restaurants and when ordering online through digital campaigns. Additionally, Pizza Hut restaurant teams, franchisees and corporate employees around the world organized events at the local level to fundraise by hosting charity auctions, cricket games, car washes and group walk/runs to raise money for children’s literacy, World Hunger Relief and other volunteer initiatives in their local communities. Pizza Hut raised more than $3 million in food and cash donations, equating to 12 million meals for women and children.

Pizza Hut Latin America & Caribbean (LA&C)

For the past four years, Pizza Hut has helped over 50,000 children in El Salvador supporting efforts around reducing hunger and malnutrition. In 2015, with the help of the WFP and a grant from the Yum! Brands Foundation, Muévete Conmigo was able to help over 20,000 families nationwide, including children and pregnant women.

The program’s mascot, Maraton Puch, travels all over El Salvador visiting schools to teach kids about sanitation and balanced meals and paying visits to partner companies and suppliers who help support the Muévete Conmigo movement. He also hosts the annual Maratón Puch, a ‘fun run’ that is the largest family event in El Salvador with over 1,900 participants. Pizza Hut volunteers from the El Salvador franchise group do some really great things to help support and amplify the program, including visiting beneficiary communities to help raise awareness and assist with distribution of meals.

Pizza Hut China

Fundraising efforts included engaging with fans on donation channels including Tencent, Sina Weibo and WeChat, raising awareness through social media channels WeChat and Weibo and sending virtual thank you cards to customers who donated in-restaurant, which could be shared on our social media profiles.

Pizza Hut Philippines

Feed the World-JinotegaThe Pizza Hut restaurants teamed up with the WFP and ventured out to their own backyard into the conflict-affected community of Laneo, Mindanao, one of the benefiting communities from funds raised by Pizza Hut’s World Hunger Relief Campaign. The Pizza Hut team spent their trip assisting the WFP staff by distributing nutritious meals and goody bags to the over 900 students who attend the Denaig and Pindulonan Elementary Schools.

Local Partnership Programs

Pizza Hut U.S.

BookIt! LogoBOOK IT!® Program

The Pizza Hut US BOOK IT! reading incentive program is a key part of Pizza Hut’s Deliver Hope movement. To date, more than 14 million students have participated in the BOOK IT! program.

Inspired by the roots of it’s Book It! Program, the Pizza Hut U.S. Restaurant Support Center (RSC) focused its local giving efforts around literacy and reading causes in the Dallas, Texas area. In June 2015, the brand raised over $40,000 for local literacy support organizations Reading Partners and Mi Escuelita.

Book It team picIn December 2015, the Book It! team donated a library of books to a local school for homeless children. Additionally, the RSC hosted several drives for books and school supplies, wrapping the year up with an angel tree designated to literacy and reading needs for local community partners. Employees at the RSC were also offered to participate in an annual give back day, where they could take a day from work and sign up to volunteer at a local organization.

Pizza Hut South Africa

Pizza Hut South Africa engages in multiple activities within their communities, including volunteering to clean up and renovate the Akani School, creating care packs for abused women and families, and providing meals to a local school that was devastated by a fire. Additionally, Pizza Hut collects customer donations in their restaurants and online to benefit local literacy issues and promote reading in their communities.

Pizza Hut U.K.

Pizza Hut U.K. shows their support for local U.K. charity, BBC Children in Need, by offering a very special deal for one week to benefit the charity. This effort, combined with other fundraising events throughout the year both at the Pizza Hut headquarters and in restaurants all over the country, resulted in a pledge of £75,000 last year to BBC Children in Need from the Pizza Hut U.K. Delivery team.

Pizza Hut Delivery supports BBC Children in Need’s vision that every child in the U.K. have a childhood that is safe, happy and secure, and that they be given the opportunity to reach their full potential. By providing grants to projects and organizations both small and large, BBC Children in Need locally supports all areas of the U.K. to empower disadvantaged children and make a difference in their life.

Pizza Hut Asia Franchise Business Unit

The Pizza Hut Asia team showed support last year for a local orphanage with an exceptional program serving children who have survived unspeakable trauma and hardship. Most children living at the orphanage are homeless who have either been abandoned by their parents or had run away from abusive homes. The team from Pizza Hut provided lunch to the group at the newest Pizza Hut restaurant in Ulaanbator. The restaurant team planned an afternoon full of activities, with games, singing, and contests for the children.

Pizza Hut Russia

Pizza Hut Russia has established strong community outreach relationships with local orphanages. Volunteerism is engrained deep in the roots of our Russia team, where all levels of employees participate in organized volunteer visit days to the orphanages. Volunteerism is so important to Russia that as a part of the hiring process, prospective team members are asked about their interest in being involved in the local community.

Pizza Hut China

Environmental Award

Pizza Hut China was awarded the 2015 China Environmental Prize by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of People’s Republic of China and the China Environmental Protection Foundation. We were honored with this award recognizing our brand commitment to reducing our environmental footprint through energy saving measures and public outreach. Since 2009, Pizza Hut has promoted the green life concept in restaurants during the last week in May through “Pizza Hut Environmental Protection Week”. The brand also launched the nationwide “Pizza Hut Green Scout Camp” which encourages the Student Society of Universities to deliver environmental protection knowledge to primary school students.

Pizza Hut U.S.

Star of Excellence Award

Pizza Hut global headquarters in Plano, Texas received the Environmental Star of Excellence Award from the city for its commitment to implementing environmental initiatives. The corporate green team not only implemented measures that would impact the headquarters such as waste audits and Earth Day events but far outside the walls of the building by participating in the Great American Cleanup in Plano, donating pizzas to a local food bank and encouraging employees to take sustainability knowledge home.

Environment In Action

Pizza Hut U.S.

Pizza Hut Improves Existing Buildings

With nearly 6,400 restaurants in the U.S., addressing existing facilities is a key initiative in Pizza Hut’s sustainability focus. Accordingly, Pizza Hut is installing communicating thermostats to better control energy use and comfort in 143 stores resulting in a total estimated savings of $200,000 a year. Following this initial installation, all corporate locations will receive the upgraded system. Outdated HVAC units in 33 stores are being replaced with an estimated annual energy savings of $100,000. Pizza ovens are the heart of its business and it has started a replacement program to remove over 1,000 outdated and inefficient ovens to reduce its environmental footprint and generate annual savings of nearly $1.2 million.

Pizza Hut has implemented a lamp program to reduce energy consumption, improve air quality, reduce waste and reduce or eliminate the use of heavy metals in its lamps. All lamps now have an LED specification in new construction and remodels with replacement options in existing stores. Additionally, all of its new and replacement exterior signs are now specified with LED internal lighting. Pizza Hut continues to evaluate technologies in efforts to reduce its environmental footprint.

Pizza Hut Is In the House

Pizza Hut U.S. has continued to focus on environmental sustainability in its restaurants and has made significant progress in its goal to reduce its environmental footprint. Pizza Hut continues to utilize its compact and efficient design for delivery focused buildings for new development. The footprint itself is extremely compact (just 1,100 sq. ft.), thereby reducing energy consumption and the quantity of materials required to build the store.

Pizza Hut has constructed and is awaiting certification of its first LEED restaurant, and intends to pursue several more in the near future. Through the development of this store, Pizza Hut has transitioned all new build projects to LED lighting and low flow plumbing fixtures to align with LEED and Yum! Brands’ Blueline standards.

Pizza Hut U.K.

Pizza Hut Targets Zero Waste to Landfill

Pizza Hut U.K. has targeted zero waste to landfill for company-owned restaurants by the end of 2015. Analysis has shown that this can be achieved by diverting 90 percent of generated waste to recycling centers with the remaining 10 percent sent to an energy recovery plant. Full waste separation of waste has been rolled out in Scotland and for company-owned delivery sites in the southeast region of England. For restaurants equipped with fryers, services are being put in place to collect waste oil for removal and conversion into biodiesel. We are committed to working to reduce waste and recycling in the U.K. and have become a Hospitality and Food Service Agreement (HaFSA) signatory with WRAP.

Pizza Hut MENA

Innovative Pizza Boxes

As part of the sustainability journey in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), they partnered with a company, Ecovention, LLC, to implement their innovative pizza box design, named The Greenbox, in Pizza Hut restaurants. This box is manufactured from recycled material and has other advantages such as the ability to transform into individual serving plates and fold into a smaller pizza box for storing leftovers. Its simple brown paper design replaced previous full color pizza box in the region in 2014; saving energy, water and other resources. This simple yet effective packaging improvement demonstrates the desire to lead by example as they work to reduce their environmental footprint continuing to serve hot, fresh pizza to customers.

Pizza Hut Asia

Giving Back to the Community

Location: Mongolia

The number one pizza brand in Mongolia is also the first to start on a green building journey by building a flagship restaurant located on Peace Avenue, Bayangol District, Ulaanbaatar. The building has become an iconic area landmark.

Sustainable building design elements such as LED lighting (interior, exterior and signage), high-efficiency kitchen equipment, engineered ventilation hoods, solar powered parking lights, sensor type faucets and low-water consumption restroom fixtures have been incorporated.

“We are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and Building Sustainability,” stated our franchise partner Hulan Dashdavaa, CEO of Tavan Bogd Foods Pizza LLC, at the grand opening. “This is our way of giving back to our community.”

LED Lighting and Smart Air Conditioning

Location: South Korea

Reducing energy consumption is an important component of developing greener restaurants. Pizza Hut company-owned restaurants in Korea are now using all LED lighting-inside and out. The process of making the change for new construction and remodels, which started in 2013, grew to include the dining room, back-of-house, exterior signs and exterior lighting. The lighting has been installed in 118 existing restaurants.

High efficiency air conditioning is also being used. As a result of these initiatives an annual energy reduction of approximately 20 percent has been achieved. The market is making plans to specify equipment that will require 35 percent less refrigeration in the systems. With the success of these projects, the Pizza Hut team is eager to continue exploring green buildings in South Korea

Educating the Next Generation

Location: China

Pizza Hut has designated the last week of May, since 2009, as “Pizza Hut Environmental Protection Week” in restaurants throughout China to promote concept of green living to consumers. Making the journey to a greener future will require the participation of all. To that end, it also launched the Pizza Hut Green Scout Camp in 2010, to encourage the Student Society of Universities to deliver six courses of environmental protection knowledge, taught over the course of one year, to primary school students. Students become a Pizza Hut Green Scout if they successfully collect a pin by completing each of the six courses.

In September 2012, the Pizza Hut Green Scout program became mandatory in the Xiaozhuang primary school in Nanjing. By the end of 2015, nearly 190,000 primary school students had completed the courses. The program is growing to become one of the most influential environmental education projects in China and a great example of how Pizza Hut China aims to bring two generations together to work for a green future.