World Hunger Relief Results

For the past nine years, the World Hunger Relief (WHR) campaign has leveraged the power of nearly 43,000 restaurants around the world, sparking a global movement to end hunger and generating an overwhelming outpouring of support from millions of customers, employees, franchisees and their families. Since 2007, the WHR movement has achieved incredible results.

We’re very proud of our results from 2015, which include:  

  • Raised more than $35 million in cash and food donations
  • Provided 140 million meals
  • More than a billion impressions globally
  • Approximate value of nearly $500,000 in public service announcements, advertising, public relations, web-based communications and in-restaurant promotional materials

Yum! has donated the following to WFP and other hunger relief agencies:

Our WHR program has provided billions of meals to WFP operations and other hunger relief agencies in countries of greatest needs, with an emphasis on School Feeding programs. Funds raised by our teams also support emergency operations and mother-child health and nutrition programs. In total, WHR support has provided much-needed food for millions of beneficiaries in more than 45 countries. Scroll over the map below to see countries that have received funding for meals since 2007*.

*On average $0.25 provides one meal.

Countries receiving funding and food as a result of the World Hunger Relief campaign