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Goal: Be the leading global volunteer movement by engaging our employees and franchisees to feed the mind, body and soul of those in our local communities.

As one of the world’s largest restaurant companies, it is our privilege and responsibility to give back to the communities where we live and work. We support our employees’ volunteer efforts with nonprofit grants and encourage them to work as a team on volunteer opportunities. Our employees anywhere in the world can take part in the program by selecting a local charity partner and identifying a project that will serve their needs. The Yum! Brands Foundation supports employee volunteer efforts by funding those projects up to $5,000 and will then recognize projects that made the biggest impact with even larger grants at the end of the year.

In 2015, employees from 20 countries tracked over 40,000 volunteer hours working with their favorite charities on more than 150 community impact projects. The Yum! Brands Foundation awarded $325,000 in nonprofit grants to support our employee volunteers and their partner charities.

An example of our volunteer grants comes from The Healing Place project which was awarded the 2015 $25,000 grand prize. Team Captain, Nicholas Price is a Senior Pizza Hut Help Desk Specialist and has been with the company for nearly three years. More importantly, Nicholas is an alumni of The Healing Place recovery program.  His experience with the organization helped drive his passion and led him to convince his colleagues that The Healing Place was the ideal charity to sponsor with their volunteer project. As a help desk team, the group had to be creative to help ensure that their volunteerism did not affect their ability to resolve issues for store restaurant level employees.  Nicholas’ team helped feed over 1,500 men and women (a total of 2,400 pizza slices), saving the organization thousands of dollars so they could focus on other homeless and recovery programs. This project has inspired others to join the cause and the team has grown to 50 volunteers as they continue monthly pizza deliveries to The Healing Place in 2016.