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World Hunger Relief

Goal: Mobilize our employees, franchisees, customers and their families to alleviate hunger through awareness, volunteerism and fundraising.

Children of JinotegaAs we approached our 10-year anniversary as a Company in 2007, we decided to align our system around a global crisis that we were well positioned to address–hunger relief. We had a longstanding commitment to hunger relief in the U.S., starting with our Harvest Food donation program which contributes on average seven million pounds of food annually to more than 3,000 nonprofit organizations across the country and with 795 million people in the world facing hunger and malnutrition, we had an opportunity to create a global movement to address the world’s most solvable problem.

In October 2007, our employees, franchisees and suppliers in more than 100 countries joined forces to bring awareness and action to this global crisis as we launched World Hunger Relief (WHR)–an annual initiative leveraging the power of our global restaurant system to address hunger through awareness, volunteerism and fundraising.

This global movement is now the world’s largest private sector hunger relief effort in history benefiting the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and other hunger related agencies. WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide, feeding on average more than 80 million people in over 50 countries each year.

The movement is primarily focused on engaging our employees, franchisees and consumers in 130 countries and territories in nearly 43,000 KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurants. Our 1.5 million employees across the globe come together to end world hunger by contributing money that helps feed beneficiaries of the WFP and other hunger related agencies. Christina Aguilera's 2015 World Hunger Relief PSAThrough the use of restaurant point of purchase materials, broadcast, print and online advertising and public service announcements featuring our global spokesperson and WFP ambassador, Christina Aguilera, the campaign has grown year over year with Yum! Brands being WFP’s largest corporate donor and partner.

The money raised for the WFP is given as unrestricted funds to be used for WFP’s greatest needs around the globe, allowing WFP the flexibility to get food and resources where they are most needed. As a part of our commitment to ensuring 100% of the consumer and associate funds donated are used by WFP for feeding people and the related programs, the Yum! Brands Foundation contributes $2 million annually to help the WFP manage the expenses associated with our global campaign.