Energy Efficiency

Goal: Reduce energy consumption in company-owned restaurants by 15% by the end of 2015.

We’re pleased to report that the efforts of our teams around the world resulted in exceeding our 2015 energy reduction goal of 15 percent. The final calculation showed a combined savings of 17 percent, compared against our 2005 baseline. The accumulated impact of our efforts has resulted in avoiding the release of 1.6 million tons of CO2. This is equivalent to the annual output from 300,000 homes. Energy conservation projects were implemented in our markets around the world that reduced energy consumption by 60,031 megawatt hours (MWh) in 2015 alone. If these projects had all been implemented for the entire year, the overall reduction in energy consumption would have been 140,072 MWh (the total savings next year when all projects are in place for a full reporting year).

Restaurants are known to be very energy-intensive, using high levels of energy in a relatively small space. Researching and implementing innovative ways to reduce energy use has always been a cornerstone of our sustainability efforts and is a foundational component of our Blueline standard. The energy intensity of an average company-owned restaurant was 492 MWh per store per year as of 2014.

It’s always encouraging to achieve a goal, but we recognize that we still have tremendous opportunity to make an even bigger impact within our company and franchise restaurants. We will continue our energy conservation efforts and will set a new aspirational energy intensity target later this year that considers our most recent energy usage data.