Green Buildings

Goal: Design and build 100% of our new company-owned restaurants to be blueline certified.

The core of sustainable building at Yum! Brands is our green building standard called “Blueline.” Named after the earth’s thin, blue atmosphere as seen from space, Blueline reminds us that we have a role to be environmentally responsible corporate stewards. The standard is based on our decade of green building experience. Our vision remains to develop holistic green building solutions that meet the bottom line objectives of people, planet and profits. Green building at Yum! Brands focuses on delivering results in the core areas of energy savings, water conservation, sensible material use and healthy environments for people. There are currently over 5,600 restaurants that include solutions developed as part of Blueline.

USGBC LogoYum! Brands is a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and they have been a valued supporter of the development of our green buildings around the world. During the course of our green building journey, we have built over 30 LEED certified buildings across nine countries. Our certification total was the second highest among restaurateurs as of late 2015. The fundamentals and experiences derived from these buildings have been incorporated into the Blueline design and construction standard.

Blueline LogoBlueline is a roadmap to LEED certification, intended to accelerate adoption of green building in our company, which was developed by our Global Sustainability department with internal and external partners from around the world including Australia, China, France, Thailand and the United Kingdom. Developing these sustainable solutions has meant investing in thoughtful and measured research. Although green principles may remain constant, the execution of those principles across global markets varies.

Our corporate development teams have been in the process of implementing their Blueline commitments. At the conclusion of 2015, markets representing 85 percent of our new corporate restaurant construction had integrated Blueline approaches and technologies into their development processes and specifications to deliver LEED certifiable buildings. Although short of our goal of 100 percent we are pleased to reach this milestone and will continue to drive toward full adoption. This is only the first step as we will conduct ongoing auditing and certification of global restaurant design and construction to review market success in meeting the Blueline standard.

While we continue to lead by example with company-owned restaurants, we understand it is our franchise partners who will benefit the most from building green. Leading franchisees, such as those in KFC Australia and Malaysia, have embraced green building approaches and we will work to set goals with our partners as we look to the future.