Water Conservation

Goal: Reduce water consumption in company-owned restaurants by 10% by the end of 2015.

During the course of our decade long journey to reduce water consumption, we have implemented projects that saved over 800 million gallons of water across the globe. This is enough water to supply the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts for one day in the year that we started on our journey to save water, 2005. We are pleased that we have made a positive impact, but acknowledge that we have more work to do to reach our 10 percent total reduction target as we currently stand at 45 percent of our aspirational goal.

We’ve been able to build a better understanding of where water is used in our restaurants, have improved our ability to monitor usage, and have implemented technologies to reduce usage. High efficiency irrigation systems, low flow hand sinks and optimized restroom fixtures are now standard components in our stores. We’re continually building a deeper understanding of, and assessing the risks due to, water scarcity in our markets around the world and as we move forward, water optimization and conservation will continue to be a key component of our sustainability strategy and goals. Like energy, we will be factoring in our latest water usage information as we develop a new water intensity goal later this year.