Crisis Management

KFC in ChinaThe Yum! Brands Crisis Management Program is extensive and proactively addresses potential crises that may impact our customers, employees or locations anywhere around the world. The global Yum! Brands Crisis Management Program is designed to ensure that key decision makers are properly identified and trained as Crisis Core Team members long before a potential crisis may occur. This helps to prevent, mitigate and control crisis events through swift action and appropriate proper response. Our online crisis training course and web application tools allow Crisis Core Team members to quickly identify and successfully manage a crisis within the Yum! Brands system efficiently and effectively.

The global Yum! Brands Crisis Management Program is reviewed periodically both internally and externally in consultation with experienced medical and epidemiology experts to update content and Crisis Core Team member training, when appropriate, based upon key learnings and shared best practices from around the globe. Our global team’s collaborative approach and deep experience with regulatory issues, food safety and crisis management sets the standard for other restaurant companies.

Yum! Brands continues to play a leadership role in continuous improvement efforts in the industry. As an example, we served as an active industry representative in the creation of the first Council to Improve Foodborne Outbreak Response (CIFOR) Industry Guidelines for foodborne illness outbreak prevention and management. CIFOR is led by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and includes various industry, trade and state and local regulatory representatives with the goal of preventing foodborne illness and managing it should it occur to the extent possible and to mitigate its effects where necessary. The CIFOR Industry Guidelines and Tools were incorporated by reference into the 2013 FDA Food Code update.