Barn and Fields

Ethical Sourcing & Supply

Goal: Sourcing the freshest food from an environmentally and socially responsible agricultural supply chain.

Our brands continue to focus on optimizing our agriculture supply chain. As an industry, processes and customer expectations change, requiring us to be more aware of and attentive to our social and environmental impacts. We have been responsive to issues as they arise, yet we cannot always control or avoid them at every stage of the supply chain. We work closely with food processors and, where possible, with those who raise livestock and grow our produce to work in environmentally responsible ways. We have made progress in some areas where we feel we can have the greatest and most significant impact.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets forth our expectations and minimum standards for all suppliers and subcontractors. The Supplier Code of Conduct addresses such issues as working hours and conditions, non-discrimination, child labor and forced or indentured labor. We require suppliers to conduct audits and inspections to verify compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct. In addition, we reserve the right to conduct unannounced assessments, audits and inspections of supplier facilities. Violations lead to disciplinary action, including termination of the supplier relationship for repeated violations or noncompliance. We encourage our suppliers to exceed these standards and to share their best practices with us so that we can continue to improve.