Food Safety & Quality

Goal: Maintain the safest, highest quality food supply and preparation in the industry.

Food safety is the top priority at Yum! Brands and a primary focus in all of our nearly 43,000 restaurants in more than 130 countries and territories around the world. While preventing all foodborne illness is impossible, our goal is to provide “Trust in Every Bite” by maintaining an industry leading food safety program that minimizes food safety risk for our customers wherever possible.

Our restaurant food safety systems include rigorous standards, surveillance routines and training of restaurant employees. Topics covered by our food safety system include, but are not limited to:

Food safety training is focused on illness prevention, restaurant food safety and regulation adherence in day-to-day restaurant operations. Standards also promote food code compliance when building new or renovating existing restaurants.

Annual audits from third party food safety professionals are conducted twice a year at our restaurants to promote compliance with our food safety standards and local regulatory requirements.

Operating great restaurants that meet the highest food safety standards is a central part of our commitment and is evident in every aspect of our business—from raw material procurement, including animal proteins and produce, to food preparation and serving our customers.