Global Guidelines

healthy optionsWe believe we can have the greatest impact in advancing our health and nutrition platform throughout our system and the industry with action-oriented change.

Our Chief Global Nutrition Officer and Global Corporate Nutritionist work with all of our brands to drive nutrition strategy and establish goals for nutritional improvement. As a result, we have implemented an updated nutrition strategy focused on three pillars:

Each brand has developed specific nutrition plans and accountabilities which are subject to quarterly review by senior management.

We have adopted an overarching goal that each of our brands will offer delicious meal options that meet one-third of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) established for the countries in which we do business (or one-third of the World Health Organization RDA if a country has not established RDAs). We are proud to report that nearly all of our markets met our 2015 goal of having 15 percent of meal options meet one-third of the RDA and are now striving for our goal of 20 percent of meal options by 2020.