Global Sourcing

Steven C. McCormick,
President and Chief Executive Officer, RSCS

“Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions, (RSCS), is honored to continue its 17-year partnership with Yum! Brands in providing supply chain management services in the U.S. for KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. In the U.S., RSCS manages purchases of more than $6 billion on food, packaging, equipment and nonfood items for corporate and most franchise-owned restaurants. Evolving proprietary and strategic purchasing processes allow us to reduce costs and increase efficiencies across an ever-changing supply chain landscape.”

Across our global markets, Yum! Brands supply chain professionals work collaboratively with franchise partners to manage food and packaging requirements, carefully leveraging efficiencies, assuring supply and adhering to trade requirements. We work with thousands of suppliers, including U.S.-based suppliers that export to other countries.

The China Division operates its own independent supply chain system, working with over 500 suppliers to provide Yum! Restaurants China with goods and services.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets forth our expectations and minimum standards for all suppliers and subcontractors. The Supplier Code of Conduct addresses such issues as working hours and conditions, non-discrimination, child labor and forced or indentured labor. We require suppliers to conduct audits and inspections to verify compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct. In addition, we reserve the right to conduct unannounced assessments, audits and inspections of supplier facilities. Violations lead to disciplinary action, including termination of the supplier relationship for repeated violations or noncompliance. We encourage our suppliers to exceed these standards and to share their best practices with us so that we can continue to improve.