Progress & Future Plans

We listen to the voice of the customer and because they are looking for more choices and variety in the food we serve, we continue to expand our menu choices in all of our restaurants across all of our brands. As we expand our menus, improving nutritional values while maintaining the great taste of our food is also important to us. Balanced choice offerings, eliminating trans fats, reducing sodium and lowering calories and fats are some of our key areas of focus. We also strive to be transparent about the ingredients and nutrient values in our food.

KFC is proud of the improvements they have made to their high quality food and remain committed to improving the overall nutritional makeup of its products. They continue providing consumers with great tasting products that meet their dietary needs.

Deep Dish PizzaPizza Hut offers more than two billion different topping combinations which includes fresh vegetables and lean meats. The brand is committed to continually improving the nutritional profile of our products.

Taco Bell continues to provide the boldest and freshest flavors – food that’s customizable and fits your lifestyle, with a commitment to never compromise on flavor. They’re also making it easier for you to learn what’s in their food. Taco Bell was one of the first quick service restaurants to post its full nutrition information online in 2005, and now they’re making it even easier to understand what’s in their food. Their nutrition calculator allows you to customize and calculate your favorite order, so you can make an informed decision. Taco Bell believes everyone deserves good food, ingredients that are simple to understand, and quality you can feel good about. They are proud of what they’ve accomplished and remain committed to creating craveable tastes and being transparent.

In this section we are pleased to share our progress and future plans for delivering on our commitments to provide more choice, more transparency and more nutritional improvement across our brands, as well as plans for future progress to improve the formulation of our products.