Regulatory Affairs

Field of WheatProactively establishing positive relationships with key U.S. federal and state leadership continues to be of strategic importance to Yum! Brands. We support consistent, unified and science-based regulations at both the state and federal level to maintain sound and safe restaurant food safety practices across the U.S. Where permitted by law, Yum! Brands also encourages international business units to build positive relationships with local regulatory leaders and to support science-based food safety regulations. International business units are proactively engaged in Regulatory Affairs outreach with continued activity encouraged in 2016.

Yum! Brands is strategically involved in U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) initiatives and platforms such as the Restaurant Food Safety Initiative (RFSI). The RFSI supports the FDA prevention-based, farm-to-table food safety strategy and specific action steps to drive food safety improvement which will impact future agency focus and FDA Food Code updates. The RFSI’s ultimate goal is to mitigate risk and reduce the occurrence of foodborne illnesses in the U.S. We are honored to have been requested by the FDA to participate as a member representing the restaurant food industry sector.

Yum! Brands supports FDA Food Code adoption at state and local levels. We continue to proactively engage in state Food Code work, supporting the state regulatory community in food code or other food safety regulation updates. We have seen steady and progressive moves to more science-based regulations, further supporting unified state and local adoption of the FDA Food Code.

We proactively survey all U.S. State and Territory Health Agencies to determine new code activity on key topics of business relevance. This outreach supports key contact maintenance and where necessary, based upon feedback, updates to our internal Food Safety Standards, helping to ensure code compliance.

We are pleased to see reference to the Council to Improve Foodborne Outbreak Response (CIFOR) Industry Guidelines and Tools included in the 2013 FDA Food Code update. Yum! Brands played an active role on the CIFOR Industry Work Group and actively supported inclusion of the guidelines in the FDA Food Code.

Yum! Brands has been committed and actively involved with the U.S. Conference for Food Protection (CFP) since 1988 at various levels, participating on councils, select committees and on the Executive Board. CFP brings together food safety leaders and experts representing federal, state and local regulatory, trade, consumer, academia and industry sectors to engage, discuss and deliberate pertinent food safety topics of Food Code relevance. Our commitment to CFP remains strong. We value this unique setting which promotes food safety and consumer protection.