Restaurant Food Safety

Taco Bell StoreNothing is more important to Yum! Brands than protecting our customers. Customers put their trust in our brands, which means our top priority is preventing health risks from occurring in our restaurants. The nature and business demands of the restaurant industry requires us to be aware of, and respond to, potential health and safety issues related to the food we serve. We are proud of our food and we take our responsibilities seriously.

To maintain a rigorous and consistent focus on the dynamic challenges of supply chain and restaurant food safety, our Global Food Safety Council works continuously to reduce risk by elevating and improving our safety policies, standards, processes and measurement systems by maximizing effective control of the quality of ingredients and restaurant operations. Yum! Brands’ Chief Food Safety Officer leads the Council, which is comprised of the most senior science, food safety and quality experts from across the organization, along with Restaurant Operations and Supply Chain leaders. In addition, the Global Food Safety Council sponsors a range of projects to drive awareness of new food safety science, new risk and emerging best practices in risk mitigation.

In complement to the Global Yum! Brands Food Safety Policies, we have numerous Food Safety Standards that cover the required controls and behaviors in restaurants supporting progressive science, risk mitigation, crisis prevention and protection of our customers. The Food Safety Standards cover topics such as training, food safety surveillance, personnel standards and dealing with emergency situations. The Food Safety Standards were prepared in collaboration with food safety and QA experts from across our organization, representing brand and divisions from around the world, to see that consistent, globally relevant best practices were defined in the final standards.

Emerging Issues

Field of LettuceWe are committed to identifying and managing potential emerging issues that could impact food safety at any of our brands in any market.  Emerging issue management is an accountability framework that serves as an awareness tool for Yum! Brands to best manage the negative impacts of potential emerging food safety issues. Ongoing monitoring helps to anticipate local, regional and global emerging issues, and works in partnership with the Yum! Brands Global Crisis Management Program to alert and activate the respective Crisis Core Team if a potential issue becomes an actual threat. Monitoring of potential issues is managed at a brand/market level by the respective Crisis Core Teams for appropriate risk mitigation and response coordination. Effectively managing emerging issues helps protect both the health of customers and the reputations of our brands.