Supplier Food Safety

Food SafetyOur supplier quality management system includes food safety and quality requirements that support our goal of “Trust in Every Bite.” It starts with sourcing materials and ends with the highest level of service and delivery of superior products to our customers.

When selecting a supplier, we look for key performance indicators for food safety preventive controls, including:

In addition to measuring and testing food safety and security practices, we look for outstanding performance in quality control, not just of our product formulations, but in suppliers’ management processes as well.

Our food safety and quality governance structure and programs are designed to promote effective control in each step of the supply chain. Each plan for a particular supplier depends upon the specific risk assessment that evaluates each unique supply chain. Suppliers are typically audited at least once per year. However, the exact audit frequency depends on the performance level of each supplier, as well as perceived risk factors that include people capability and food safety capability. Feedback is provided to suppliers on performance relative to targets to support and drive continuous improvement efforts. Equivalent standards and expectations are applied to our distributors.