Employee Rights & Responsibilities

All of our employees have the right to work in a fair and safe environment. Our Worldwide Code of Conduct holds all of us accountable for treating our colleagues with respect and fairness, allowing them to be recognized and rewarded based on their performance. For more information view the Worldwide Code of Conduct.

We expect our employees, franchisees and suppliers to comply with all applicable local labor laws regarding wages and working hours in every country in which we operate. There is no place in our organization for any type of harassment or discrimination because of age, gender, gender expression and/or identity, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or physical abilities.

Ensuring a Safe Working Environment

The safety of our employees and customers is deeply embedded in our primary business objectives and in the activities of our global operations. Health and safety are managed across all of our strategic business divisions – KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, China and among our franchise owners. In the U.S., our Assets Protection team has annual performance goals heavily weighted on safety in company-owned restaurants. Our China and international markets have similar safety goals. In addition, franchisees and licensees are provided with safety and security standards as well as training set forth in our operational policies and procedures.

We expect all of our operations around the world to comply with local regulations regarding safety and injury tracking. Our goal is to continue to reduce the number of accidents and injuries in our restaurants, and some of our major markets have succeeded in significantly reducing injury frequency rates. For example, the injury frequency rates in our U.S. company-owned restaurants have declined by over 71 percent in the last 18 years (from 1997-2015). In markets where we have seen an increase in the number of work-related accidents and injuries, we are working to implement health and safety training and other programs to address the areas of concern.

We also have a number of programs in place to continuously improve our health and safety efforts. In the U.S., we offer safety lessons, reviews and accident investigations in all company-owned restaurants. Members of our senior leadership team receive quarterly safety and performance data for U.S. company operations. In the U.K., we offer life-saving delivery driver training, licensing and uniforms for our motorcycle delivery drivers.