Yum! Brands believes that for employees to achieve breakthrough results where they work, live and play, they need maximum energy. Our Energy programs focus on building holistic wellbeing through four key pillars:

The organization supports business units around the world in achieving these objectives by providing best practice toolkits to implement programs in local markets, as well as opportunities to engage in global programming. Energy programs offered vary widely by each country but there are commonalities. Common Energy offerings include:

See the map below for a highlight of Energy programs offered across the world.

Illustrative sample of wholesome foods

A few key 2015 highlights include:

In the United States, all employees have access to a gym network that offers membership discounts at 10,000 gyms, fitness centers, and studios nationwide. In addition to discounts mentioned, all (Assistant Restaurant Manager and above) have access to:

Pizza Hut U.S. introduced Fun Fit Fridays! This is an opportunity for employees to take advantage of our early release Fridays and get a good, FUN workout in with others from the office. The Pizza Hut U.S. Energize 365 team works with surrounding businesses to offer the newest fitness trends for employees to experiment with. This is all free and is a great way to try out something new!

Global Pizza Hut and KFC headquarters initiated a new mindfulness curriculum to help employees manage stress and learn to stay present in their personal and professional lives. So far, nearly 40 people have participated in the program and have shared great results.

Russia had a large success with the Global Corporate Challenge and had the winning team in 2015!

The Netherlands KFC team arranged for two days of fun and sport together with a beach volleyball tournament and soccer competition for all employees in the restaurants and the RSC. The leadership team added a Chief Happiness Officer which is responsible for driving recognition of employee milestones, happiness and wellness throughout all levels of the organization!

KFC Australia launched their wellness initiative, My Energy to Win, to help employees learn more about healthy living. Through a series of online training models, the initiative helps employees improve their work life balance, providing wellness assessments, online webinars, exercise plans and tips on healthy eating. As part of the initiative, employees are also offered free access to healthcare providers who screen for cardiovascular issues and diabetes. It is currently made available to RSC employees, RGMs and Assistant Managers at approximately 150 company-owned stores as well as 80 franchised stores around Australia. The number of franchisee participants is expected to increase during 2016.