Culture Excellence

We foster a recognition driven, global culture that focuses on going for breakthrough. Our goal is to attract, develop and retain our employees because of the investment we make in them. A key means to supporting our culture is Yum! University. This community of excellence helps ensure everyone lives the How We Win Together principles and maintains a mindset to achieve breakthrough results in every piece of Yum! Brands.

Achieving Breakthrough Results

Hear Every Dream Logo

Hear Every Dream Logo

Achieving Breakthrough Results (ABR) is a core development course that provides associates, primarily new hires, with tools and concepts aimed at high performance which we call “Going for Breakthrough.” The tools are categorized into Intentionality, Thinking and Action and incorporate personal stories from our senior leaders.

This course is designed to enable learners to:

  • Build high intentionality to create focus and drive breakthrough results
  • Use breakthrough thinking tools to achieve step-change
  • Take bold action to achieve breakthrough results

The program is foundational to our leadership approach, and we continue to reinforce the tools and behaviors of ABR in our processes and communications so it stays ingrained in our culture. To date, most of our employees, and many franchisees and their teams, have gone through ABR training. As new leaders join our system, ABR is a standard practice for their onboarding program.

Connecting Our Employees Globally

Enabling all of our employees with a means to engage and connect has been a key focus to unlocking our culture. Since we have a large global footprint, we knew it would be essential to leverage technology in order to truly connect our organization and in 2014 launched our global platform for communications and collaboration. It is now available to all above-restaurant employees around the world. Yammer, the internal social networking component, allows our employees to connect, share content and collaborate globally in ways they couldn’t before.

Taco Bell

The Pulse is Taco Bell’s way of measuring culture and engagement in the restaurants. Team Members can take the survey at the restaurant or at home (where applicable) via their mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer. This program is the brand’s way of connecting directly to the Team Member and provides valuable perspectives to help leaders build culture in the restaurants. The insights gained have led to important initiatives such as Customer Recovery. To continue to feed people’s lives with más, Taco Bell and its franchisees use The Pulse to maintain a great place to work with structure, incentives, and rewards around what is most important to the Team Members.

Grateful Rallies have been created to show Team Members how grateful Taco Bell and its franchisees are for its people and saying thank you for everything they do. In 2016, Grateful-inspired rallies will take place in all restaurants across the nation. This year, Taco Bell will launch the rallies in mid-May focusing on education. Taco Bell wants to show Team Members that they can not only grow their careers with Taco Bell, but that they can also grow their minds and hearts. During the rallies, Taco Bell will introduce the Live Mas scholarship funds available to Team Members and the community.

Taco Bell has utilized social media in an effort to engage and recognize Team Members across the country. The use of social media outlets such as Instagram and Facebook to recognize Team Members allows Taco Bell to bring their recognition culture to life in new ways, engage Team Members, and share their appreciation with a mass audience. Now, stories shared by customers of Team Members providing great service are broadcasted across these channels to give Team Members recognition on a greater scale.