Leadership Growth

RGMs giving high fives as they graduate a Yum! Keystone classWe believe everyone is a leader at Yum! Brands, accountable for driving breakthrough performance in their piece of the business – as well as leading with smart, heart and courage. Courses and tools help build capability of employees at all levels of the organization and enable them to leverage our culture to fuel results.

Leadership Accel

Leadership Accel builds on tactical expertise the participants already possess and helps them become an inspirational leader of leaders. This program is a transformational experience that enables participants to:

  • Align and engage others around a clear agenda
  • Build other leaders
  • Strategically influence the broader business
  • Enhance their critical-thinking and decision-making skills

How We Lead

The How We Lead program targets new coaches at Yum! Brands and focuses on building authentic leaders and people growers. Participants develop their personal leadership brand and learn tactics to remain authentic. This program aims to help participants learn how to cultivate coaching relationships, build people capability and coach high performing teams.

Emerging Talent

Emerging Talent takes a deep-dive into individual growth, giving participants the necessary tools to become great leaders. The participant-centered experience is designed to blend structured learning events with real-world application to build self-awareness, business acumen and a global mindset.


KFC U.S. Introduces Capstone for Above Restaurant Leaders (ARLs)

Building upon the success of its Keystone class for Restaurant General Managers (RGMs), KFC U.S. introduced Capstone for ARLs in 2015. The ARL Capstone provides a comprehensive development experience that builds leadership skills in order for ARLs to become brand builders. This experience creates a foundation for success by building participants’ capability, confidence and commitment to being strong leaders in their organizations.

In 2015, about 100 ARLs completed Capstone. The four-day class was held quarterly at the KFC Restaurant Support Center in Louisville, Kentucky. Given its success, the program will be offered more frequently and both in Louisville and remote locations in 2016.

KFC U.S. Hosts System Wide Day of Training

In 2015, KFC U.S. welcomed Colonel Sanders back to the brand’s advertising for the first time in two decades. With the reintroduction of the Colonel came a recommitment to the Colonel’s values and processes of doing things the right way – The Hard Way. In order to get everyone on board, KFC U.S. held a series of 43 rallies across the country for RGMs to inspire them to refocus on the Colonel’s world famous Original Recipe® chicken. Roughly 95 percent of RGMs in the U.S. participated in one of the rallies.

The rallies were followed by a National Team Member Training Day in November, focused on a goal of  100 percent of managers and cooks completing Chicken Mastery training or recertification. As a result of the effort, the brand experienced a lift in customer satisfaction, proof that The Hard Way really is the right way.

KFC Australia

KFC Australia is extremely proud to deliver high quality and nationally recognized training to employees across Australia.  KFC is an established Registered Training Organization, offering School Based Traineeships to those employees who wish to complete a vocational education and training qualification. Additionally, they have partnered with the University of Wollongong, providing opportunities to employees to complete an MBA Qualification.  Through these programs, employees have the opportunity to achieve a nationally recognized tertiary qualification in conjunction with on the job experience.  To support employees in furthering their education, KFC Australia offers financial support and paid study leave through its education assistance program.

Our commitment to internal employee development and promotion is evident in its Graduate Leadership Program (GLP) which is offered to Restaurant Management Employees.  For more than 10 years, GLP has successfully provided a structured career path for tertiary qualified RGMs s to progress through to more senior operation management.  The GLP builds critical leadership skills in combination with broader business knowledge in a variety of cross functional departments including Human Resources, Supply Chain, Operations, Finance, Information Systems and Marketing.  More recently, KFC Australia has expanded the scope of the program to include a 12 month international placement in Dallas, Texas.

Leading With Heart

KFC U.K. and Ireland is proud to be the first Yum! Brands market to launch Leading with Heart, a game-changing character development program. The objectives are: to equip individuals with an increased awareness of their behaviors, to understand why individuals do the things that they do, to be more authentic in their leadership style and to build their character. They have also upskilled all of their managers so they can provide their teams with additional Leading with Heart coaching and ongoing support. Overall it will allow them to step-change the way that they lead the business and it’s restaurants – more engaged leaders leading more engaged teams helping KFC to become the U.K.’s # 1 Big Hearted restaurant company.

Leading with Heart has been rolled out to all RGMs and above restaurant employees totaling 1,500 employees across the U.K. More than 30 internal senior leaders have been accredited to facilitate the program across equity and franchised employees through a series of nationwide roadshows. So far, facilitators have delivered 1,236 hours of training between September 2015 and January 2016.




Pizza Hut

In the U.S., the Pizza Hut Academy develops and delivers various courses to different levels of employees to continue to grow their current leadership and operational skills. The Academy’s focus is to build on the basic training, as well as build know how in areas not currently included in employee base training, in a fun and engaging way so that leaders can learn and grow, ultimately taking performance and our customers’ experiences to the next level.


This curriculum focuses on the key competencies known to make Area Coaches GREAT! Topics include: time management, building an A team, strategic thinking, and many more! Participants leave the course with a personalized action plan enabling them to apply what they have learned in Area Coach Phd to their own area.


This curriculum is designed for the experienced RGM to learn advanced skills that will help take their restaurant to the next level. It focuses on the key competencies known to make RGMs GREAT, including growth mindset, time management, strategic thinking and building/developing/coaching A teams.  Participants will leave this course with a personalized action plan enabling them to apply what they have learned in RGM Phd to their own restaurant.

Field Product Boot Camp

Field Product Boot Camp toolkit is provided by The Pizza Hut Academy. The purpose of Field Product Boot Camp is to provide a set of optional tools that can be leveraged to establish a strong foundation in product fundamentals. The tools provided are a quick way to reinforce the basics of making everything P.E.R.F.E.C.T. (Preparing Everything Right For Every Customer Today) with your team. Additionally, the tools can be used to build know how of Hospitality, Quality, Speed, Cleanliness (HQSC) product standards.

For the Core

One of the Academy’s goals is to help corporate employees find ways to enable restaurant teams to deliver on 100 percent customer satisfaction. They do this by facilitating several courses and in store training opportunities, which allow corporate employees to learn and understand the skills needed to run a Pizza Hut Restaurant.

Pizza Hut U.K. employees have the opportunity to develop their skills in leadership, trade, personal growth, ideation and cultural understanding as a part of Yum! University. Pizza Hut believes learning and development programs enable their teams to fulfil their potential and be their best. Courses include:

  • The London Business Forum, insightful events that cover a range of business issues presented by internationally renowned speakers
  • Induction, a course led by the Leadership Team that takes new employees through Pizza Hut U.K.’s business goals, introducing them to each team and the function’s role in driving our company strategy
  • How We Lead, a program designed to help develop leadership skills, self-awareness and leadership Impact, strengthening employee’s thinking and behavior to promote leadership effectiveness
  • Heartstyles, a course taught to support personal growth and behavioral development, helping people to be more effective in both work and life 

Pizza Hut Canada corporate has reinvigorated HR with franchisees through a true partnership with Operations wherein HR & Ops host quarterly, two-day sessions with key franchisees to discuss critical topics related to people and the operational systems. For the Pizza Hut Canada Equity team, training is a top priority. All RGMs and Team Members go through the LAR certification. They are encouraged throughout the process, as the Pizza Hut Canada team is focused on having 100 percent LAR certification for their restaurant managers and assistant-managers. Pizza Hut Canada has also incorporated quarterly field visits to restaurants lead by HR & Operations to build employee capability and more importantly to engage the corporate employees in the everyday life of Team Members. 

Taco Bell

Taco Bell finds great value investing in not only the technical skills of restaurant employees, but also leadership skills. Through this, programs are created and tested to teach and enhance the leadership skills of: restaurant Shift Leads - our first level restaurant managers, Restaurant General Managers (RGMs) and Area Coaches - those who oversee multiple Taco Bell restaurants.

The first program, “theMark” is designed for RGMs, and it has been developed as a journey of personal development and professional transformation. This program is advanced learning that is intended to take an RGM and their restaurant to the next level of performance. Held in Irvine, CA, at the Taco Bell Restaurant Support Center, theMark experience provides a facilitated process to investigate RGMs’ growth and vision as leaders, and help them develop a culture in their restaurant that has their personal stamp…their “mark”!

Since launching in 2013, more than 2,000 RGMs have attended theMark. Taco Bell has measured that RGM turnover is significantly lower in restaurants where the RGM has attended theMark. RGMs who have gone through theMark have made positive changes in their restaurants including developing plans to reach their goals, recognizing and celebrating team members, and giving back to their local communities.

For Area Coaches, a program called The Quest, a transformative leadership development experience, had its first pilot in October 2014. Since then, more than 100 Area Coaches have participated. One participant of the pilot said this of The Quest, “for the Area Coaches that do not have a lot of formal leadership training, this class is a must…and for those Area Coaches with lots of leadership training this class will really help you bring it all together and focus on your Quest to being the best leader you can be.”

Most recently, Taco Bell launched theSpark, a 1-day program geared towards developing restaurant Shift Leads to become better leaders and develop life-long skills. Topics covered include: leadership best practices, developing a personal brand, communicating effectively, delivering feedback and managing conflict.

Taco Bell continues to explore additional leadership development programs for its employees, and is always listening to its employees to understand what they want and need most to succeed at their job and in life.