Coaching and Mentoring

People at table being coachedOur success is defined by one factor – the quality of our people. That’s why we place extraordinary emphasis on growing our people and constantly strive to identify future leaders and accelerate their development.


Growing talent in our organization is what makes our culture thrive and increasing coach capability is key to the development of all employees. In 2016, we will introduce a new tool in the U.S. to continue helping develop our coaches called the Coach 180. Different from the typical 360, which is made available to all above restaurant employees, the Coach 180 focuses on feedback from direct reports and developing coach capability through self-awareness.

Participants from our pilot programs found the feedback immediately actionable and loved that the feedback came from people they work with every day.

Our 2016 launch will invite all coaches across our three U.S. brands to participate in the Coach 180. Several global markets plan to pilot in 2016 as well.


Our emerging talent programs build our bench strength by creating talent pipelines for leadership roles. Programs like Big Leap Forward in our international markets, Blue Springs in our Middle East and North Africa market, Global Emerging Leaders Program in Australia or Leadership with Heart for Pizza Hut globally include personal involvement and coaching from executive leadership and a focus on developing effective work styles and relationships.

We also value and support mentoring as a powerful tool for both personal and professional growth. Leaders with a broad range of organizational knowledge and experience mentor others on development needs, career advancement, and the challenges that come with transitioning to larger roles and responsibilities. As an example, our China team leverages mentoring to enable our senior employees to guide, coach and support high-potential employees to develop and retain them. As a result, our operations staff in China, which represents about 90 percent of our entire China-based team, has been entirely developed and promoted from within. Within our International divisions, high-potential employees are paired with a senior leader in the same function but a different market to drive know how and business exposure.

Our India business had a breakthrough idea and launched Yum! Brands Academy to build a pipeline of “ready-now” team members. To do this, they recruit potential team members from underprivileged areas of India, and then teach social skills, hospitality, hygiene and how to be customer maniacs. This idea shows just how dedicated our team is to making our HWWT2 culture a competitive advantage for both our company and our employees.

KFC Australia runs an Area Mentoring Program where a senior leader from the RSC is paired with an Area Coach and an area of restaurants. This happens for all 23 Area Coaches and Franchise Business Coaches all over Australia and has been running for over a decade. The Area Mentor attends ‘Field Ching Days’ where they visit restaurants with the Area Coach or Franchise Business Coach and builds relationships with the team, reinforcing the idea of ‘A Restaurant Support Center that lives and breathes operations’. The Area Mentor also supports the Area Coach or Franchise Business Coach with both their own personal growth and business growth.

At Yum! Canada, they created a formal mentoring program where senior managers mentor teammates to encourage and foster their professional growth — and help guide them on their journey to achieve their goals. This program has been extremely helpful for employees in having the guidance in unlocking their potential. In 2014, they began reverse mentoring where junior leaders were paired with senior leaders to educate them on the latest digital trends in social media.

Our Pizza Hut RSC team in Montreal have been focused on spending time in our restaurants. These visits help RGM’s feel part of something bigger and provide an opportunity to build rapport between the corporate employees and the RGM’s and team members. The visits enable mentoring opportunities and provide an opportunity for personalized coaching.

Pizza Hut Europe has an active mentoring program where employees at the RSC have mentoring relationships. Some of the mentees have mentors who are outside the Pizza Hut Europe office, including mentors from KFC Central Europe and Taco Bell U.S.

These programs ensure continuity of leadership, and a continued commitment to drive our culture. They also position Yum! Brands as a global leader in talent management and are a source of great pride for us.