Functional Training

To build three global iconic brands that people trust and champion, we maintain a sharp focus on driving executional excellence across all our functions. These courses and tools accelerate and streamline the development of our teams. They also help us support our restaurants by teaching skills, processes, tools and instilling mindsets that span the functional areas of our business.

Hr College

HR College is a global curriculum that supports continuous building of HR capability and bench around the world in a sustainable and scalable way.  HR College includes structured learning around core content with instructor led learning and critical experiences for target audience segments.

HR College is being launched in three tiers. Tier 1 is all about developing personal excellence. HR College encourages continued personal growth with curriculum that helps build the skills needed to be an effective HR professional at Yum! Brands. Tier 1 includes a series of HR talks designed to build know how around our People Excellence competencies. 

Tier 2 will address what it takes to be a strong HR Business Partner and/or leader of a functional area, and Tier 3 is designed for Director level and will focus on broader business insights and strategy.

Sales Overnight, Brand Over Time

Sales Overnight, Brand Over Time is all about building a successful marketing mindset. This interactive experience focuses on developing a better understanding of how brand identity comes to life in everything we do. The workshop develops participants’ ability to:

  • Challenge themselves to make a difference by "making a mark on your brand"
  • Manage the balance of driving sales while being a brand builder
  • Understand how to build business opportunities and big ideas by listening to consumer insights and "the gut"

Sales Overnight, Brand Over Time is an exciting opportunity for marketers within Yum! Brands to build know how and learn from each other, have fun, create great energy and passion around our brands and learn to leave a legacy. This program has been executed within eight global markets and divisions around the world.


KFC Foundation Funding Educational Excellence for Team Members

KFC was built on Colonel Harland Sanders’ values. Besides serving the world’s best chicken, the KFC family also has a long and rich history of generosity inspired by the Colonel himself.

It started with a hitchhiker who happened to be a college student. The Colonel gave him a ride and a full scholarship. That act of kindness inspired the Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation, which has since provided $14 million in scholarships to 2,600 students, much of which has been to KFC U.S. Restaurant employees.

Colonel Sanders was passionate about helping people be their best selves through education. To continue his legacy, the Foundation offers two educational assistance programs exclusively for employees at participating KFC U.S. restaurants.

In 2015, the Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation provided college scholarships and GED assistance to employees at participating KFC restaurants via its REACH Educational Grant and REACH HIGH – High School Equivalency Programs. These programs touched the lives of over 900 KFC restaurant employees in 48 states last year alone.

Thanks to the generosity of KFC franchisees and KFC Corporation, the Foundation is making a difference and forever changing people’s lives for the better.

KFC U.S. Training Programs Recognized for Excellence

In 2015, the KFC U.S. Learning Excellence Team won a record five Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards for developing and activating innovative learning opportunities for restaurant team members. KFC U.S. training programs received four Gold awards and one Silver award. Brandon Hall is one of the leading research firms in training and development, and their Excellence in Learning awards showcase exceptional work from companies around the world.

KFC was the only Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) to win a gold award from Brandon Hall in 2015. KFC’s 2015 Brandon Hall honors included:

  • Gold Award for Best Advance in Learning Technology –Team Member Training Portal
  • Gold Award for Best Use of Games and Simulations – Service Mastery eLearning
  • Gold Award for Best Performance Support – Prep cards, YouTube-like videos and Huddle Up Cards
  • Gold Award for Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Development Program – RGM Keystone
  • Silver Award for Best Results of a Learning Program – Service Mastery

KFC U.S. Boosts Training By Investing in Back of House Computer System

In 2015, KFC U.S. invested in new back-of-house technology to make training programs more accessible to team members. The new computers enable team members to complete video rich, simulated training programs for Service Mastery, Chicken Mastery and more. These programs test learning by simulating events and customer interactions instead of using standardized tests.

Thanks to improved access to learning programs using the new technology, KFC U.S experienced a 200 percent increase in team member training.

The Americana Franchise Group Offers Accreditation

The Americana franchise group in the Middle East offers accreditation for its comprehensive training programs. In a program that blends practical on-the-job restaurant experience and training with classroom lectures, team members can earn a diploma from a technical secondary school, shift supervisors can work toward an advanced diploma from a technical college, and assistant restaurant managers can earn a university degree in Restaurants Operation and Management.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Africa Opportunity, Training and Advancement Programs

Pizza Hut Africa places specific focus around growing their people from within and providing them with opportunities. An employee’s journey often begins by being recruited from an NGO called Harambee Youth Employment Excellorator, an organization that works to provide opportunity and employment to economically disadvantaged youth. Once beginning work with Pizza Hut, employees are offered multiple training opportunities to increase their skills and grow within the company. With Pizza Hut Africa in year two of operations, they are pleased to report that last year 10 percent of employees successfully completed shift supervisor training and were promoted from entry level positions, and 50 percent of those were promoted to positions of assistant manager or above. Once at the Restaurant General Managers level or in an above restaurant leadership role, employees are offered continued career development and leadership training including Heartstyles and other Leadership development programming.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell Area Coach Digital Routines

We live in a world in which technology is ever-changing. In order to be a proactive player in the digital age, Taco Bell has implemented Area Coach Routines on one digital platform to help field leaders prioritize and execute tasks. This helps Area Coaches focus on what’s important – taking care of teams and customers. Over 100 Area Coaches across 900 corporate restaurants utilize these digital routines, as well as 320 franchise restaurants. Digital Routines improve organization and efficiency by eliminating paper from the process. This new investment in technology enables real-time notifications and provides access to information about restaurant visits, follow up items, past visit reports, food safety information, and action plans. Moreover, Digital Routines provide an opportunity for more effective performance appraisal discussions by providing data on completed Success Routines, action items, and results.


Whampoa Academy Receives Excellence in Practice Recognition

Yum! Restaurants China’s Whampoa Academy was recently recognized by The Association for Talent Development (ATD) with an “Excellence in Practice Award” in the Organizational Learning & Development category. The award recognizes exemplary practices in workplace learning and talent development. In 2015, there were more than 125 entries in ten categories. Yum! Restaurants China was the only foodservice company among the award-winners. To keep up with the demands of the business, Yum! Restaurants China must recruit and train more than 10,000 management trainees each year in the country’s highly competitive talent market. In 2012, Yum! Restaurants China instituted Whampoa Academy, which offers rapid career growth for recruits who are highly qualified with impressive educational backgrounds, but lack work experience and restaurant experience. Whampoa Academy trains these employees to be Restaurant General Managers within a short period of time: 3-3.5 years on average. By the end of 2014, more than 25,000 operations team members were in Whampoa Academy and had received nearly 506,912 hours of learning.